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Why It’s Important to Time Your Workouts

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When you enter into the fitness and health industry, it can be intimidating. There is so much information that is out circulating, how do you know who to trust or what to do? Instead of going in blindly, work with Minibeast. We have everything you need, including the knowledge to help educate you to train successfully and sustainably! Keep reading to learn more about why timing your workouts is extremely important!


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Train Effectively

Starting out, it can be tempting to just go full out and train every single day as hard as you can. However, while that may give you some strength and quick results, its not a sustainable way to create healthy exercise patterns. Timing your workouts can help you stick to a limit that is not only effective but will ultimately give you stronger results. A typical workout should last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half. You can use a smartwatch or even your phone to keep an eye on the time.


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Track Your Progress

Timing your workouts is another great way to help you track your progress. When you first start out, you may find it hard to reach even the 30 minute or 45 minute marker. As you begin to workout, you’ll find yourself getting stronger. You might even hit an hour and feel like you could keep going. Building strength and endurance through the time of your workout is a great way to keep track of your progress!


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Implement Rest

Rest is just as important as your workouts. Your body needs time to recover and rebuild. Timing your workouts can help you make sure you’re getting enough rest between workouts. Depending on your goals and what your starting strength and endurance are, you may be finding yourself training three days a week or if you’re more advanced, six or seven days a week. Timing your workouts can give you a better idea of how long you’re training for and help make sure you’re getting enough rest inbetween.


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Don’t Overtrain

Similarly to what we mentioned, rest is important for your body and your mental health. Timing your workouts can help you by keeping you from over training your body. Not only will this help you keep up with your goals, but it will help you find results in a healthy way. Overtraining can lead to burnout, which is why many people don’t meet their goals. It can also lead to physical injuries. Keep your body safe by timing your workouts and be mindful that you’re not over training.


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