I found you, Miss New Booty… 🍑

If you have not tried Minibeast Curve Collection yet, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?! I remember my first pair of Curve X leggings. They were this GEORGEOUS Heather Purple legging. Holy Moses the FABRIC was the SOFTEST fabric EVER!

So, I want to buy some Curve leggings, but there are SO MANY OPTIONS! Which will be my favorite? Ummm… All of them. End of story. Period. Blog over.

Just kidding. Let’s talk about the 12 different ways to Curve.

The Curve Classic. It’s in the name. These are your classic leggings. Straight legged, zero pockets but whew! The booty pump! If you enjoy the classic legging look with a booty pop for days, the Curve Classic is the perfect fit for you! To say I’m obsessed would be an understatement! The Curve Classic leggings are just a staple in every gym girlies wardrobe!

Okay so the Curve X leggings are my favorite, ever, in the history of ever. Maybe… it’s literally like picking a favorite child anymore. Somethin’ about the scrunch butt pockets… GIIIIRL! The straight leg is a classic legging vibe, with a heart shaped rear end seam, and again… the scrunched POCKETS. Gasp The. Best!

Give me all the GI Jane Vibes in the Curve Cargo Leggings! Side and rear cargo pockets with the traditional legging bottom! These beautiful babes were one that I was honestly a bit hesitant about, especially because I didn’t know how the fabric would be. Once I got my first pair though, I knew the cargo line version of the Curve leggings were something special. These are a little bit on the more rugged side as far as leggings go which has been amazing for keeping up with the rough and tumble toddler in my house.

Curve Cargo Evo: These are quickly becoming some of my absolute favorite of the curve line! ESPECIALLY at the gym! I have to admit, by the look of them I wasn’t completely sold on how they’d fit with the front pockets. I definitely didn’t want it to be a “is that a ____ in your pocket or are you just happy to see me” kind of vibe. BUT, it’s soooo stinkin’ nice having the front and side pockets for all the things! Just yesterday I wore my Curve Cargo Evo leggings to the gym and was carrying around my phone in my hand looking at my husband like “can I put this in your pockets”... umm maam, you have some! Oh, woops! So good!

AND NOW… INTRODUCING THE CURVE FLARE. I have searched high and low for a legging or comfortable pants with a flare! I am obsessed with the all things Minibeast Curve Flare. Are y’all sick of me telling you how much I love these leggings yet?? Buckle up butter cup! There’s a few more!

Curve V Classic Flare was another type of legging that I was not sold on simply by the pictures! I tend to carry my weight a lot in my midsection so the V cut shape in the front intimidated me. Honestly I was terrified I’d look like a busted can of biscuits. I dove in and decided “worst case these will just be my ‘goal’ leggings”. While I don’t have washboard abs by any stretch, I was pleasantly surprised how the V-shape actually does make your midsection appear longer, and leaner, hiding a lot of the insecurities I hold in my (as I so affectionately call it) gut. The high waist in the back is one of my favorite features making the booty look smooth and supple.

Now it’s probably no surprise considering my absolute obsession with Curve X leggings how much I LOVE the Curve X Flare leggings. The Curve X leggings combine my obsession with Curve X with the want for a Flared legging in one package in the Curve X Flare leggings. Why pick one or the other when you could have BOTH an insane booty pop with legs for days! Seriously, incredible fit. Insane booty enhancement. Just. The. Best.

Curve Classic Flare brings that classic flared look together with the greatness of leggings. I fell in love with the way the Curve Classic Flare drapes over my legs in a way that is classy enough to wear in an important meeting. Finding a legging that won’t get you in the HR Office for the dress code is no longer impossible with the Curve Classic Flare.

Yep! You guessed it, another favorite of mine. I literally CANNOT pick a favorite. I just can’t. The Curve V X Flare leggings give that sexy peekaboo V shape in the front, with booty scrunched pockets and the heart shaped stitching are just…. Chefs kiss. The Curve V X Flare are some of my favorites to wear when I’m doing just about anything. From grocery shopping to lifting weights.

Listen, you don’t know how hard it is to write this blog and tell you why I think one version of the Curve collection is better than the other. The truth is, it is IMPOSSIBLE to pick. The Curve Cargo Flare are yet another on my favorites list. I’m just absolutely obsessed with the side cargo pockets and the flared leg! I’m so glad no one has forced me to pick a favorite because I quite literally could not! Ever.

Pockets, Pockets and more pockets! The Curve Cargo Evo Flare are a dream come true. I talked earlier about how the Curve Cargo Evo were some of my favorites in a gym setting which is 10000% facts. The Curve Cargo Evo Flare are like the Curve Cargo Evos little sister. She’s cute. She holds all of your things AND she has just a little je ne sais quoi (don’t ask me to repeat that, I’m like Joey on Friends trying to learn French, k?) that cannot be explained fully until you are in her presence.

There’s a reason the Curve Collection is the most popular collection Minibeast carries!. I AM hooked! Each and every time I see a new print or a new anything with “Curve” in the title, I jump on it to buy a pair (or 7). After a good leg day, watching that booty pump was a thing of beauty! Just sayin’. I love the versatility of these leggings too! Literally you can wear them anywhere, whether you’re out with friends, at the gym or playing with your kids, the Curve line is one that you cannot go wrong with!

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