Shreds Extreme, On Another Level

It’s like if Energizer Bunny and Speedy Gonzales had a baby.

Did I just age myself? Probably, don’t judge me.

Shreds Extreme. Holy Moses! When I first tried Shreds Extreme, I was absolutely mind blown about the amount of energy I had. Now, I’m the type of person that can drink a quad shot skinny vanilla latte at 7pm and be asleep by 9pm and will sleep like a baby.

Knowing that my tolerance for stimulants is super high, I cracked open the bottle and without a care in the world, 3 Shreds Extreme down the hatch. YOLO (do we say that anymore? Oh well). Listen, when I tell you I was bouncing off the walls, I was BOUNCING!

Here’s the thing my friends, if you’re not like me and can drink a pot of coffee and still sleep like a baby at night, you’ll need to be willing to play around with your own dosage based off of the supplement recommendations and your own personal experience, keeping in mind any medical situations that may contraindicate the use of supplements.

Believe me when I say I did a TON of research on Shreds Extreme and what makes this product the best on the market: Caffeine, Green Coffee Extract, OH MY! Hit me with your best shot

But nothing I haven’t had before… what’s IN this?!

Lyzme 5?? The first patented fat metabolizer… designed to use your OWN fat cells as fuel. Shut up and take my money! Sweat is fat crying, y’all. And when I tell you the Shreds Extreme turned up the HEAT. Whew!

My second attempt of trying Shreds Extreme I found the sweet spot (for me). I split the full dose into 2 separate doses.

After breakfast I took one Shreds Extreme. Mainly because I knew my hot cup of protein coffee awaited.

Wait wait wait… you had me at protein coffee. Say what?? Let me squirrel for a second:

If you’re a coffee drinker, get yourself some of the Minibeast IsoDelight Protein, Vanilla is my favorite for this, take 4-6 oz of your favorite milk (I use Fat Free cows milk but any will do), blend that sucker up completely. After blending, pour in your coffee of choice and blend again. Viola! A guilt free latte with 25g of one of the best tasting protein powders in the market.

Okay back to the topic at hand, my second go around with Shreds Extreme was a lot better after I played with the dosage. After my first dose of one capsule I was still very much energized, but didn’t feel like I was about to tear apart my appliances and put them back together (IYKYK).

After lunch, to avoid the 2 o’clock slump, I took my second and third Shreds Extreme capsules. Finding that sweet spot for timing is essential for me when it comes to supplements… and I’m so glad I found it!

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