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MB Bluetooth Tumbler

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Water bottle / LED Bluetooth Speaker

Picture it, you’re drinking hot coffee under the pergola, kids start screaming, begging for a dance party. 

Your coffee is only remaining hot because of your insulated Minibeast Tumbler, and you’re enjoying the sunshine on your face and don’t want to get up. You remember your tumbler has a Bluetooth Speaker on it! Kids are happy, and you’re still drinking your hot coffee outside, without interruption. 

Now picture this, you’re at the gym, mid set, and your headphones die! TRAGIC! You remember your Minibeast Tumbler, that you filled with Minibeast FAA's this morning, can keep your music flowing, keeping you zoned in on your lift. 

The Minibeast Bluetooth Tumbler offers the best insulated tumbler with a water resistant LED speaker that can either remain attached or be removed, to keep the party going! 

This Tumbler includes a lid and straw for all of your favorite beverages!

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