Butter is My Obsession

Smooth Like Butta’ on a biscuit out of the oven, you say?! I’ll be the judge of that!

Okay so full transparency, I haven’t met a pair of Minibeast Leggings and tops I didn’t love. But, when I ran into the Minibeast Butter Collection, the game changed.

Why is the Minibeast Butter Line one of my Go-Tos?

The Minibeast Butter Collection is, in my opinion, an absolute MUST HAVE for my gym girlies, aesthetic mamas (or if you’re like me, the pretend aesthetic mama), and if you’re just wanting a new look for your next Holiday party.

At the Squat Rack: Now, as the president and CEO of the Itty Bitty…. Committee (IYKYK), the Butter Line is one of my favorites for the gym. The strappy and Y Tops provide support and comfort while showing off my back gains during back and shoulder day.

As for the leggings: I do so happen to have quite the… “rap guys girlfriends” derriere. The Butter Collection is completely squat proof! I do not feel like I’m constantly re-adjusting them, unless the pump requires it. The way the fabric lays on my figure is chefs kiss.

Leggings for every occasion? What?? You heard that right!

The Minibeast Butter leggings are my typical go-tos for everyday wear. They are so stretchy and comfortable, you’ll catch me wearing them from my daughters volleyball games, to dinner with the fam and everywhere in between.

I’m not one to gate keep, Mamas, lend me your ears… I have to caution, you maaaay notice your significant other’s inability to keep their eyes and hands to themselves when you wear the Butter leggings throughout the home, wiping up messes or cooking dinner. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

The Minibeast Butter line is completely versatile, tummy control, booty lift, soft, stretchy… The Butter collection has ALL THE THINGS to make you feel like the sexy lioness you are! Take back your power. We’re all in this together.

I cannot imagine my wardrobe without them.

Available in Cornflower, Steel Blue, Cobalt, Black, Currant, Fern, Lavender, Mauve, Moss, Sand.

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