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Butter Y Top

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Smooth - like butter on a warm cinnamon roll

Soft - like a cozy blanket under the stars

Sensual - like a tall glass of your favorite wine

The Butter Collection gives all the good feels.

Mix and match the fabulous leggings with either a sexy strappy back or a sassy single strapped Y top with a fantastic stretch perfect for all body types!


  • Classic, chic design
  • Buttery soft, super stretch material
  • Perfect for gym & everyday wear
  • Lift, sculpt, contour, & smooth
  • Comfort-fit
  • Cellulite smoothing
  • Moisture wicking / antimicrobial technology

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Butter is My Obsession

Butter is My Obsession

Smooth Like Butta’ on a biscuit out of the oven, you say?! I’ll be the judge of that! Okay so full transparency, I haven’t met a pair of Minibeast Leggings and tops I didn’t love. But, when I ran into the Minibeast Butter Collection, the game changed. Why is the Minibeast Butter Line one of my Go-Tos? The Minibeast Butter Collection is, in my opinion, an absolute MUST HAVE for my gym girlies, aesthetic mamas (or if you’re like me, the pretend aesthetic mama), and if you’re just wanting a new look for your next Holiday party. At the Squat...