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Hair, Skin & Nails Stack

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Super Greens
Hair Growth
MB Multivitamin

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Looking for the healthiest hair, skin & nails? This stack offers the ultimate combination of supplements to reach your goals. Formulated, proven and tested by Carriejune herself, shall we say more.

Specifically formulated to provide:

  • long, strong, thick, healthy hair
  • clean, nourished, elastic, healthy skin
  • strong, thick, long, healthy nails

For best results, take the multivitamin, hair growth and super greens each morning with breakfast. Take an additional serving of super greens before bed along with hair growth. Be sure to drink plenty of water as well, at least 1/2 a gallon each day! 

- Super Greens

Carriejune has been taking supplements for years, knows what ingredients have worked for her, and is now sharing that knowledge with all of you! We all know greens are good for us, but most of us struggle with eating the right amount every day and don't get the optimal nutritional benefit from them. Carriejune has developed the optimal greens supplement that gives you all the essential nutrients that even “healthy” diets lack… so you feel better mentally and physically.

Introducing MB - SUPER GREENS!

The name says it all, a new line of supplements from MB that are 100% wellness focused and 100% All Natural, Vegan, Organic, etc.!

Super Greens is jam-packed with a super blend of completely natural vitamins, ionic trace minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, Phyto-nutrients, Phyto-chemicals, symbiotic intestinal flora and other words we’re not very good at spelling, it’s revoltingly healthy, and tastes amazing!

MB, Super Greens is a nutrient-dense, amazingly delicious super-food that primes your body and brain to burn fat, build muscle, and increase performance. Loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory agents which help support comfortable joints, speed-up recovery between workouts, and helps give you all the essential nutrients that even “healthy” diets lack… so you feel better mentally and physically.

This is, hands down, the most delicious organic flavored green super-food containing over 25+ cleansing, alkalizing, farm fresh nutrient-rich greens, wholesome fruits and veggies. Helps eliminate toxins and aids in digestive support while enhancing your immune system and boosting your energy. Organic barley grass, organic spirulina, organic wheat grass, organic kale and more!

No artificial or refined sugars means extremely low-carb compared to others. We don’t use artificial sugars, added sweeteners or refined flours. We only use the highest quality Real Food ingredients that are Organic, Sprouted, Vegan, and Paleo. Quick easy mix - easily digestible & gut friendly.

If you’d rather skip the kale salad and wheatgrass shot or maybe you’re not a big fan of broccoli unless it’s doused in melted cheddar cheese ... whatever the case, Minibeast Naturals has you covered with our Super Greens.

Super Greens offers all the healthy goodness of super foods and greens from around the world in a delicious-tasting powder that you can mix with juice, water or a protein shake! It’s convenient, it gives you a great dose of vital nutrients and it even boasts a natural energy blend, a probiotic blend, and a fiber blend.

Make your health and vitality a priority with MB, Super Greens.

Don't be fooled by cheap and even expensive imitations! All green super-foods are NOT the same.

Suggested Use:
As a dietary supplement, mix one scoop with water or your favorite beverage.

- Hair Growth


  • Help hair grow longer and faster
  • Repair damaged hair
  • Increase volume and thickness in hair
  • Works on all hair types
  • Strengthen and nourish nails
  • Improve skin complexion, moisture and vibrancy

Carriejune has been on a hair growth journey and just like she takes MB supplements for growing and defining her physique, she has also taken certain supplements and vitamins with specific dosages each day for her hair. Over time and after many trials and errors, she has learned the ins and outs of what the best products are and what they could improve on for the ultimate hair growth formula. Due to Carriejune wanting to use the best products and knowing there’s not one on the market that includes everything she uses daily, she decided to make her own! This is when MB Hair Growth supplement was born. Now it’s available for YOU to use too!

MB Hair Growth supplement gives you a maximum strength blend of the best hair growth vitamins on the market combined to help your hair grow long, strong, thick and healthy.

Suggested Use:
As a dietary supplement, take 3 capsules daily.

90 capsules (30 day supply)

- MB Multivitamin

Outperform the competition with the Ultimate Multivitamin

Level up your Nutrient Goals & Optimize your Body

You only have one body, take the best possible care of it!

Boost Energy | Improve Circulation | Increase Metabolism | Enhance Immune System

While a balanced diet is essential, MB Multi helps fill potential nutrient gaps and ensures you're meeting your body's increased demands for vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. It provides comprehensive support for optimal health and performance delivering key vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients ensuring your body has the necessary building blocks to thrive.

MB Multi is a collection of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients designed to synergistically optimize cellular function, support immune function, and improve daily energy. Our multivitamin was formulated to replicate a whole-food, nutrient-dense diet, combining essential vitamins and minerals sourced from naturally occurring forms with the highest bioavailable forms of ingredients, along with a blend of unique phytonutrients and minerals offering the most comprehensive multivitamin on the market.

Whether you are in need of immune support, joint health, or overall health and wellness, the MB Multi is here to support you with all of your daily needs!

Carriejune has been taking supplements for years, knows what ingredients have worked for her, and has teamed up with the best scientist in the industry/former professional bodybuilder Dr. Jeff Golini together creating the highest quality formulations to take personally AND share with y'all! All Minibeast Supplements are Informed Sport Certified and Banned-Substance Free!

What's in it and what makes it so special?

Vitamin C: Promotes growth and repair of tissues in all parts of the body. Used to form protein called collagen, used to make skin, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels. It is an antioxidant, protecting cells against free radicals. The body does not produce Vitamin C on it’s own many fruits and vegetables carry Vitamin C. The recommended daily amount of Vitamin C is 90 mcg, in women, it’s 75 mcg. MB Multi contains 500mg of Vitamin C!

Vitamin A: Important for vision, immune function, reproduction, growth and development. Helps the lungs and other organs work properly. Vitamin A also contains antioxidant properties, protecting cells from free radicals. The recommended daily amount of Vitamin A in adult men is 900 micrograms, 700mcg for adult women. MB Multi contains 6,000mcg of Vitamin A!

Vitamin D3: Helps the body build and maintain healthy bones. It is antioxident, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective, supporting a healthy immune system, musculoskeletal system and brain cell activity. It’s not found in many foods: fortified milk, fortified cereal and fatty fish! The recommended daily amount of vitamin D is 600IU for people ages 1 to 70 years old! MB Multi contains 1000IU.

Vitamin E: Important to vision, reproduction and blood, brain and skin health. Vitamin E also has antioxidant properties. Vitamin E deficiency can cause nerve pain. The recommended daily amount of vitamin E is 15 milligrams a day. MB Multi contains 135 milligrams.

Vitamin B1: Helps convert carbohydrates into glucose to produce energy. Strengthens the immune system. Daily recommendations for B1 is 1.2mg for men, 1.1 mg for women and 1.4 mg for pregnant or breastfeeding women. MB Multi contains 200mg!

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin): Antioxidant to help fight off free radicals in the body. The daily recommended amount of B2 is 1.3 Mg in men, 1.1mg in women.

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine): Normal brain development, keeping the nervous system and immune system healthy. Daily recommendation for adults 50 and younger is 1.3 milligrams, after age 50 1.5 in women, 1.7 in men.

Vitamin B12: Essential for red blood cell formation, cell metabolism, nerve function and production of DNA! The recommended dose of B12 is 2.4 micrograms. MB Multi has 200mg.

Niacinamide: Helps build keratin, maintaining skin health. Niacinamide may help boost hydration, calm redness, may reduce the appearance of pores, reduces wrinkles and fine lines!

Vitamin B5 plays a role in the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates, manufacture red blood cells, maintaining a healthy digestive tract. Adults 19 years and older recommended dosage is 5mg. MB Multi contain 200mg.

Biotin is necessary for formation of fatty acids and glucose, fueling the body. It is also important for metabolism of amino acids and carbohydrates.

Folate (Folic acid) is important in red blood cell formation and healthy cell growth and function. Mainly found in dark leafy green vegetables, beas, peas and nuts. The recommended daily amount of folate in adults is 400mcg, 400-1000mcg in women who wish to be pregnant. MB Multi 1,3333 mcg of folate.

Choline is necessary to regulate memory, mood, muscle control and other functions. It is also necessary to form the membranes that surround your body’s cells.

Selenium provides certain enzymes needed for normal body function. It is found in seafood, liver, lean red meat and grains grown in soil rich in Selenium! The recommended daily amount of selenium is 40-70 mcg per day for males, 45-55mcg for females. MB Multi contains 0.04mcg.

Chromium is necessary for normal growth and health. Chromium helps your body use sugar, carbs and fats properly. Adults should consume 50 to 200 mcgs a day. MB Multi contains 0.96 mcg!

Iodine helps the thyroid gland, to make the hormone thyroxine. Thyroxine is important for growth of bones and nerves and how proteins, fats and carbs are used in the body. Adults recommended dose for iodine is 150 migrograms a day, MB Multi contains 300 mcg per serving.

Calcium plays an important role in bones, teeth, blood clotting, helping muscles contract, and regulating normal heart rythms and nerve function. The recommended daily amount for woman below 50 years of age is 1000 mg daily, 51+ 1,200. For Men ages 19-70 years the recommended allowance is 1000 mg daily, for men 71+ years, 1,200 mg. MB Multi contains 20mg.

Potassium is an electrolyte crucial for heart function, and plays an important role in skeletal and smooth muscle function. Potassium is founded in bananas, citrus juices, avocados, cantaloupe, tomatoes, potatoes, lima beans, flounder, salmon, cod and other meats! Adults 19 and older should consume 4,700 mg a day. MB Multi contains 4mg a day.

Iron needed to produce red blood cells. Iron is found in chicken, turkey, fish and lean red beats. Cereals, beans and some vegetables contain some iron. The recommended daily intake of iron for adult males is 10mg, adult females is 10-15mg. MB Multi contains 2mg.

Magnesium regulates protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control and blood pressure regulation. It is required for energy production. Magnesium is abundant in the body as it’s naturally present in food products. Pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, spinach, cereal, peanut butter, potatoes, yogurt and many other foods contain Magnesium! The recommended daily intake of magnesium in adult males is between 400-420mg. In Females, it is recommended for adults to consume 310-320mg. MB Multi contains 2.9mg.

Manganese trace mineral found in tiny amounts in our body. It helps the body form connective tissue, bones, blood clotting factors, and sex hormones. Plays a role also in fat and carbohydrate metabolism, calcium absorption and blood sugar regulation. The recommended daily intake in adult males is 2.3 mg, in adult females is 1.8 mg. MB Multi contains 2.4mg.

Zinc helps the immune system and metabolic function. Sources of zinc include chicken, red meat and fortified breakfast cereals. The recommended daily amount of zinc is 8gm for women, 11mg for men. MB Multi contains 2.4mg.

PABA or Para-aminobenzoic acid is found most commonly in brewers yeast, liver, molasses, mushrooms, spinach and whole grains. When used appropriately, PABA containing products can reduce instance of several types of skin cancers. The recommended daily amount has not been defined, however MB Multi contains 200mg of PABA.

Inositol is a form of sugar in the body. It is necessary to develop and grow cells. Benefits may include lowering risk of metabolic syndrome, relieving symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrom, reduce risk of gestational diabetes and preterm birth, lowering cholesterol, process insulin and potentially relieving symptoms of mood disorders. The recommended daily amount of Inositol has not been defined, however, the MB Multi contains 200mg of Inositol per serving.

Beta alanine is an amino acid founded commonly in poultry and meat. Acts as an intracellular pH buffer as it significantly augments muscle carnosine concentrations. Shown to improve exercise performance. MB Multi contains 100mg of Beta alanine, there is no defined daily recommended amount.

Rutin, although not heavily studied, has powerful antioxidant properties. It also assists the body in producing collagen and use vitamin c. Rutin is found in buckwheat noodles, asparagus, apples, figs and brussels sprouts. The FDA does not regulate rutin, therefore, there is no defined daily recommended amount. MB Multi contains 50mg.

Citrus Bioflavonoids are plant nutrients found in citrus fruits. Citrus flavonones are anti-inflammatory and promote an effective immune system.

Betaine Hydrochloride In the stomach, betaine hydrochoide separates into betain and hydrochloric acid. The hydrochloric acid increases stomach acid to aid in digestion.

Glutamic Acid is an amino acid used for protein production. It transforms into glutamate in the body, letting other cells transmit and receive information from the nerve cells in the brain.

Turmeric root extract: The active ingredien, curcumin has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Hyaluronic acid powder helps with hydration, making skin flexible while reducing wrinkles and lines. Also helps joints move, assisting in pain management from bones grinding against each other.

Hesperidin complex is an abundant flavoanone in the peel of citrus fruits which contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Suggested Use: 
As a dietary supplement, take 5 capsules in the morning with food every day for best results.

Keep out of the reach of children. Protect from heat, light, and moisture. Store at 15-30°C or 59-86°F.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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