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MB Tread

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MB TREAD Portable LED Walking Pad Treadmill

Don’t let a sedentary job keep you from reaching your goals.

The MB Tread is a state of the art walking pad, intended for keeping you moving in a job that normally doesn’t or just hanging out at home watching TV!

Studies from the American Psychological Association found that those who walked during their work day had higher satisfaction and experienced less boredom and stress than those who were still.*

Get your walk on!

MB Tread with MB Sense is perfect for simple daily exercise at home or in the office. Maintain and improve your health by engaging with light exercise in short bursts of time throughout the day.

MB Tread can fit under a stand desk and is a great way to increase activity and avoid pain from sitting while at work. Our slim design technology reduces the amount of storage space needed when not in use, which makes this an ideal space saving solution for home/office exercise equipment. Effortlessly move and store against a wall, under the bed, sofa, or desk.

MB Tread is equipped with a 1.75HP brushless motor system that reduces noise levels to 65 decibels during operation. Optimize your walking speed with MB Sense sensor technology - our walking belt’s 8 sensor system adjusts the speed from where you land on the walking track to enhance the walking experience for a more natural feel. 

With the included remote control, you can select your speed as well as monitor speed, time, distance, and calories burned. Walking speed can be set from 0.5 mph up to 3.7 mph.

Aluminum alloy frame design structure is extremely lightweight, strong, and durable. No assembly required, simply plug in, and start walking!



- MB Sense Sensor technology - MB Tread belt’s 8 built in sensor system detects your walking pattern and will automatically adjusts the speed from where you land on the walking track to enhance the walking experience for a more natural feel.

- Multi-layer track belt: anti-skid/anti-static walking belt, wear resistant layer, EVA shock cushion layer and a high-density fiber running board layer.

- LED Screen displaying: Time, Speed Distance, Calories

- Modern White Polished Finish



- 1.75 HP Brushless Motor

- Speed: 0.5 mph up to 3.7 mph

    - Display: Time, Speed Distance, Calories

    - Dimensions: 42.5 inches X 19.7 inches X 6.3 inches

    - Walking area: 35.5 inches X 15 inches

    - Weight Capacity: 240 pounds

    - Product Weight: 41.8 pounds

    - LED Screen

    - Modern White Polished Finish


      Requires 2 AAA batteries for the remote control (not included)


      * "Workout at Work" Study

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