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MB Ultimate ALL-IN-1 Total Home Gym

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The Ultimate ALL-IN-1 Total Home Gym System from Minibeast. 

Over 300 exercises in 1 machine.

Smith Machine, Functional Trainer (Cable Pulley System), Power Rack, Arm Jammer System, TRX (or similar) Attachment Ring, Leg press, Dip Handles, Landmine / Core-Trainer, Hip thrust...DO WE NEEED TO CONTINUE!!!


The game-changing MB Ultimate ALL-IN-1 Total Home Gym offers more variety than any other Functional Trainer - Multi Press combination on the market. It is designed to meet the needs and demands of a wide variety of users. The dynamic "Jammer Arm" system, makes this functional machine the most versatile unit ever created. MB Ultimate ALL-IN-1 Total Home Gym is ideal for home and personal training facilities. Designed to fit perfectly in a single car garage space!

Accessories included: spotter arms (2), inverted foot plate (leg press), chin up (dip) attachment, cable machine handle grips (2), suspension arms (jammer arm) (2), foot plate, cable rope attachment, squat hooks (J hooks), straight bar (lat pull down bar), leg extension attachment, cable straight bar, suspension arm connecting rod, barbell collars.


  • ultimate stability with solid supporting legs for safety and durability
  • 70 mm x 50 mm steel tube main frame
  • corrosion resistant powder coated surface
  • nylon locking screws
  • includes four chrome-plated weight storage pins 50mm
  • dimensions: (W) 74 in x (D) 62 im x (H) 90 in

Functional Trainer (Cable Pulley System) - Features 2 x 132 lb precision-cut steel weight stacks, commercial-grade aircraft cable (rated at 2500 lb), and a pop pin for quick and easy weight selection. Equipped with commercial-grade pulleys with sealed bearings for smooth movement. The MB Ultimate ALL-IN-1 Total Home Gym is equipped with a 2:1 pulley ratio to ensure adequate cable travel and prevent "rollover" of the weight stack when performing cable function movements, crossover cables, etc.

  • 2 independent cable pulleys
  • 18-position height adjustment
  • weight magazines 2 x 132 lb
  • includes safety pin for weight adjustment
  • equipped with rollers with bearings for smooth movement and easy adjustment even with one hand
  • Ratio 2 : 1 - to ensure sufficient cable movement

Power Rack - Equipped with "spotting arms" (safeties) and commercial J-Hooks that are quick and easy to remove and adjust. Both J-Hooks and "spotting arms" have 8mm thick nylon strips to prevent metal-to-metal contact and are equipped with safety pins.

  • perfect for all barbell exercises
  • equipped with "spotting arms" and J-hooks that can be quickly and easily removed or adjusted

Smith Machine - Superior design and engineering provides a safer and more natural range of motion when your body is in motion. Offering state of the art, self-aligning 25mm linear bearings. Also, stainless steel safety pins, hardened chrome finish for all main moving parts and 8mm super strong stainless steel carabiners. The Smith Machine Bar has an increased diameter of 35mm, which improves the weight rating by an additional 250 lb. To maximize your workout, the MB Ultimate ALL-IN-1 Total Home Gym has attachment points (pegs) for resistance/assist bands positioned along the front foot bar that extend for added workout intensity.

  • state of the art design provides a safer and more natural range of motion
  • 12 height positions for barbell bar hooking
  • Upgraded 25 mm linear bearings for smooth running and quiet operation, almost silent
  • stainless steel safety pins and 8 mm extra thick stainless steel carabiners
  • integrated Smith machine bar with a 35mm handle diameter
  • equipped with spring loaded adjustable safety stops
  • offering pins for additional resistance band use
  • chromed guide bars made of solid steel

Jammer arm system

  • dynamic "Jammer Arm" system that transforms your workout and takes it to the next level - perfect for exercises such as bench press, shoulder press, leg press, hip thrusts, etc. The Jammer Arms can be used individually or together. You can add plate loaded weights, connect them to the cable weights, or use resistance bands - full freedom and options!! Jammer Arms are adjustable with different heights for different exercises.

Pull-up bar with multiple handles

  • 5 different grip variations
  • perfect for both short and long arm stretches

Attachment ring

  • ultimate attachment point for various training aids such as TRX sling trainer

    Leg press plate

    • No excuses, this machine does it all, variable angles to choose from for a ton of options. 

    Landmine / Core-Trainer

    • fits standard olympic bar and offers a variety of workouts

    Dip handles

    • Adjustable in height and multiple widths. Excellent for not only dips, but core work such as leg lifts, etc. 


    Ships via truck freight to the continental 48 states. 

    Assembly required. We will reach out to you after purchase if you are interested in assembly. 

    Payload: multipress approx. 1000 lb; dip handles approx. 350 lb

    Weight: approx. 1,200 lb

    Weight plates, bench and free olympic barbell sold separately. Smith machine barbell included. 

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    Core - Bar Ninja Chop

    Core - Hanging Knee Raise

    Core - Hanging Leg Raise

    Core - Oblique Twist

    Core - Pallof Press

    Core - Cable Crunch

    Core - Hanging Flutter

    Core - Ninja Chop

    Rear Delt Fly

    Single Arm Lat Pull Down

    Lat Pull Down

    Low Cable Row

    Narrow Grip Pull Up

    Single Arm Face Pull

    Single Arm Low Cable Row

    Dual Mid Cable Row

    Kneeling Single Arm Lat Pull Down

    Low Cable Bar Row

    Single Arm Lat Pull Down

    Smith Row

    Dual High Cable Row

    Inverted Row

    Smith Row

    Wide Grip Cable Lever Arm Row

    Wide Pull Up

    Cable Lat Pull Over

    Cable Lever Arm Row

    Landmine T Bar Row

    Mid Cable Row

    Rear Delt High Row

    Cable Lat Pullover

    Conventional Curl

    Smith Drag Curl

    Cross Body Curl

    Cross Body Curl

    Dual Cable Straight Bar Curl

    Reverse Curl

    Single Arm Cable Curl

    Forearm Wrist Curl

    Reverse Wrist Curl

    Incline JM Press


    Katana Cross

    Overhead Extension

    Overhead Extension

    Smith Close Grip Bench Press

    Cable Cross Extension

    Inverted Skull Crusher

    Single Arm Kickback

    Triceps Press Down



    Incline Bar Push Up

    Seated Cable Incline Pec Fly

    Seated Cable Pec Fly

    Seated Cable Press

    Smith Flat Bench Press

    Smith Incline Bench Press

    Standing Decline Pec Fly

    Standing Incline Pec Fly

    Standing Mid Pec Fly

    Wide Grip Lever Arm Chest Press

    Bar Front Delt Raise

    Cable Side Lateral Raise

    Dual Arm Landmine Press

    Front Delt Raise

    Plate Loaded Lever Arm Over Head Press

    Single Arm Landmine Press

    Single Arm Side Lateral Raise

    Smith Seated Overhead Press

    Smith Seated Overhead Press

    Standing Overhead Press

    Adductor Cross

    Cable Glute Kick Back

    Cable Glute Pull Through

    Cable RDL

    Cable RDL

    Hamstring Curl

    Lever Arm Glute Donkey Kick Back

    Smith Calf Raise

    Smith Leg Press

    Smith Lunge

    Smith Lunge

    Smith Narrow Stance Leg Press

    Smith RDL

    Smith RDL

    Smith Single Leg Press

    Smith Single Leg Press

    Smith Squat