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MB V Waist Trainer

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No Zipper, No hook & eye closure, No struggle getting on .. JUST VELCRO!

Experience true comfort and full adjustability with a 100% Velcro Only waist trainer. Put on and take off in seconds. Adjust to your exact body shape and liking. Target and isolate slimming areas to your needs. The most comfortable and versatile waist trainer EVER that gives RESULTS!

The Minibeast V Waist Trainer is the latest addition to our Waist Trainer line. Fully adjustable with hulk-like velcro, the Minibeast V Waist Trainer is strong enough to withstand your every move in the gym in your favorite pair of Minibeast Curve Cargo Leggings

Paired with the MB Shapewear, or on her own, this beautiful babe is discrete enough to wear under your clothes for a night out on the town!

Featuring two velcro straps, your mid-section will be hugged tightly, while providing a moldable and adjustable experience when necessary. 

The MB V Waist Trainer brings that hourglass figure to a different dimension. Instantly drop 3 inches from your midsection.

Need a little support in your posture? The stability in the MB V Waist Trainer holds you upright, giving you the support needed to alleviate back pain. 

The front provides impeccable tummy control as it drapes over your midsection. 

Feel secure in every angle while the MB V Waist trainer squeezes you tight, not letting go.


    • 100% Velcro only, no zipper, no hook & eye

    • Straps on/off instantly with no fuss

    • Flattens midsection and creates an hourglass shape

    • Improves shape over time

    • Supports back to correct posture

    • Assists new moms in recovering their pre-pregnancy figure quickly and safely

    • All velcro for complete adjustability and the perfect fit for every body type

    More than a workout waist trainer, you can wear this garment anytime you want to slim your midsection. It's built tough for all-day waist training, and you can layer it under other clothing. No matter how you wear it, you're going to love how you look in the mirror. Experience powerful shaping to give you the confidence to tackle your biggest slimming goals.



    Cotton 96%

    Spandex 4%

    100% latex core



    Measure your current waist and choose the corresponding waist trainer. 



    XS               18 - 23

    S                 23 - 26

    M                 26 - 30

    L                  30 - 34

    XL                 34 - 38

    2XL               38 - 41

    3XL               41 - 46

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