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MB Meal Pro (4 Pack)

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After you've cooked up some High Protein Ziti (from the super popular MB Recipe Book) and have weighed out your perfectly portioned meal with the MB Scale, you need somewhere to store it to eat throughout the week! 

The MB Meal Pro 36oz Meal prep containers! 

  • Set of 4 36oz Glass containers
  • Set of 4 vacuum seal-like bamboo lids
  • 36oz each
  • Eco-friendly
  • Leak-proof
  • Suction silicone seal
  • Borosilicate glass
  • Natural odor free bamboo lid
  • Microwave & oven safe (not the lid)
  • Fridge & freezer safe
  • Dishwasher safe (hand wash lid with soap & water)
  • BPA & chemical free
  • Plastic & phthalate free
  • Easy-lift edge for easy open
  • Concave lid for easy & safe container stacking
DID YOU KNOW? 70% of ALL results are nutritionally driven? In layman's terms, that means "you can't out work your fork". 

Meal prepping is essential when it comes to staying on target for your wellness goals:
  • Saves you time: While a Sunday at home prepping chicken and rice or veggies may seem like it takes a long time, once it's done for the week, it's DONE!
  • Saves you money: If you're one that chooses the convenience of a drive through over prepping your own meals, you'll love being able to grab a quick, already prepped meal that is consistent with your goals
  • Increases your relationship with food: Knowing exactly what is in each meal you prep is super empowering
  • Inspiring others: Although they may laugh now, your coworker, who is normally grabbing a bag of chips and a soda for lunch will see your delicious and nutritious home cooked meal! Who knows they may be inspired to start fueling their bodies better too!
Say bye-bye to that mess of a cabinet with nothing but 5,000,000 lids that don't match any of the containers you have! Toss all those cancerous plastic containers immediately!

Keeping your meals safer and fresher longer, the MB Meal Pro Containers will have you eating like a pro. 

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