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Contour V Dress

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Let me slip into something a little more comfortable. The Minibeast Contour Dresses are every woman’s secret weapon. Contouring technology will compliment your vivacious hourglass figure with a multitude of looks, perfect for every occasion.

The Minibeast Contour V dress lives up to her name, hunny! With a sexy V neckline in the front with a scoop neckline in the back, he may just want to skip dessert and head straight home once he sees you at that dinner table. She envelopes your buxom in a soft and stretchy material, freeing you to sashay your way to the night of your life. Available in black.


  • complete body shaping
  • extreme contouring 
  • built in mid section shaping technology
  • ultimate slimming 
  • super stretch breathable material
  • hourglass figure


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