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Thermo Waist Trainer

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Zipped up and snatched thermo workout waist trainer

Thermal Interior Wall Waist Trainer for increased Sweating and Slimming

Bring the Heat!

The Minibeast Thermo Waist trainer brings together contouring and shaping, with a state of the art thermogenic lining to promote sweat in the most common problem area, the midsection. Increase the amount of sweat ti help spot reduce and shape your midsection. The Minibeast Thermo Waist trainer also offers double Velcro straps and a zipper, holding you in all the right places, and boning support for your posture during all of your day to day activities.

Whether you’re walking on your MB Tread, or doing some heavy lifting at the gym, the Minibeast Thermo Waist Trainer is sure to make it HOT! HOT! HOT!

Joining our family of Minibeast Shapewear, Minibeast Waist trainers are designed to accentuate your curves, providing exceptional support of the spine, without worry of compressing your organs and bones, when worn properly.

Suggestion: Apply MB Heat to your midsection before wearing the MB Thermo Waist trainer to work up an even better sweat for the ultimate slimming results! 

Get your sweat on!

Designed for working out, the Minibeast thermo waist trainer can be put on in seconds offering the firm compression you want. Zipper design saves time and allows you to start your workout faster and it looks great on too! You'll almost instantly shrink your waistline by up to 3 inches while optimizing your workout with increased thermal activity and sweating in your core.

Wear your waist trainer daily with no interruption. Hide it or show it off, either way its easy to integrate into your daily life.


  • Enhances workouts by stimulating thermal activity and increased sweating
  • Straps on quickly to give you an hourglass figure instantly
  • Flattens midsection¬†and creates an hourglass shape
  • Improves shape over time
  • Supports back to correct posture
  • Assists new moms in recovering their pre-pregnancy figure quickly and safely
  • Quick-strap design is perfect for working out
  • Double-Velcro for a secure fit and faster on/off
  • Vertical zipper keeps the waist trainer secure and in-place

More than a workout waist trainer, you can wear this garment anytime you want to slim your midsection. It's built tough for all-day waist training, and you can layer it under other clothing. No matter how you wear it, you're going to love how you look in the mirror. Four columns of thin, flexible steel boning provide powerful shaping and give you the confidence to tackle your biggest slimming goals.

Materials: Cotton 96%, Spandex 4%, 100% latex core, Flexible steel boning 


Measure your current waist and choose the corresponding waist trainer. 

Note product runs a bit small. Order one size higher if you're on the higher end of the size rage.


S                 21 - 24

M                 24 - 27

L                  27 - 30

XL                 30 - 33

2XL               33 - 37

3XL               37 - 41

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