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MB Classic Lifting Belt - 10MM

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Minibeast's MB Classic Lifting Belt is made from genuine leather and measures 4" width and 10MM in thickness,* with nine length options to choose from. All sizes of the belt include 8 precision-spaced hole options and a double prong buckle design for easy custom tightening and optimal comfort & support. The leather on the MB Classic Lifting Belt can run pretty stiff out of the gate and may need some break-in time, but you’ll never need to worry about its reliability for securing the abdominal muscles and lower back on a wide variety of lifts. 

Our heavy-duty MB Classic Lifting Belt fits around your torso and will maintain its position, provide support, and improve your lifting ability without issues. Use the MB Classic Lifting Belt for powerlifting, bodybuilding, strongman lifts, and general weightlifting. The thickness, quality, and durability of our belt can withstand any weight whether you’re squatting, deadlifting, or doing pulling movements.

The MB Classic Lifting Belt features black leather with black hardware and either solid black or white camo print and of course the Minibeast Logo! On the inside you'll find ultra comfortable anti-slip suede material for the ultimate performance. Before ordering, be sure to check the sizing chart provided below.

*The exact thickness may vary from belt to belt due to the properties of leather.

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