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Shape Classic Flare Leggings

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Shape Leggings - Everything you love about our Curve leggings and Butter leggings combined without the booty scrunch!

Y’all remember flared yoga pants? Those were THE JAM when they were popular! Were you sad when they went “out of style” and have spent the last decade looking for THE perfect pair of pants that give comfort and style in one? 

We created them and called them the MB Shape Classic Flare leggings. 

The flared legging is giving serious early 2000s vibes with a modern twist. No you don’t have to go back to wearing claw clips (although those are ALL THE RAGE and we’re frankly living for it).

The MB Shape Classic Flare leggings also have a V-Shape front waistband, making your midsection appear smaller! Illusion is the name of the game sometimes, friends!

Paired with your favorite heels or sneaks, the MB Shape Classic Flare Leggings are must have for your wardrobe.

Imagine if our Butter leggings and Curve Classic Flare leggings had a baby...

If you have tried our Butter leggings, you know how they caress your backside with an incredibly soft and stretchy material without booty scrunch.

Our Curve Classic Flare leggings give all the booty pop, with the flared leg detail, your legs appear as if they stretch to the high heavens, yes, even for our short queens.

Combine the two and you have a non-booty scrunch, stretchy, booty popping and insanely comfortable legging perfect for the night life or the leg press.

Meet your new obsession.

The Shape Classic Flare leggings offer a sleek look with no pockets, bringing all the attention right to your greatest ASSets.

  • Made with our patented ultimate booty-lifting/shaping design and heart shape rear seam 
  • The virtually lightweight fabric makes these leggings feel like a second skin.
  • Offering ultra-breathability and sweat-wicking properties and of course, they're squat-proof!
  • The ultimate booty enhancing leggings, 100% sexy.
  • Flared Bottoms.

The booty you’ve always dreamed about is in reach! Our Shape Classic Flare Leggings are designed with booty lifting and shaping technology to make your booty stand out paired with flared bottoms for function and style! On top of that, our new figure-flattering snatched waistband gives you the support, function, and style you need in the gym, out and about, and everywhere in between. Looking for everyday leggings? Our Shape Classic Flare design is perfect for adding the trendiest fashion and contour to your everyday look while offering a lightweight design, breathability and moisture wicking while you move. Shop Minibeast for fitness apparel that offers support, comfort, and style!


  • Classic No Pocket Design
  • Ultimate Booty-Lift/Shape & Heart Shape Rear Seam
  • Flared Bottoms
  • Offered in High-waist
  • Durable, Soft, Super-Stretch Material
  • Perfect for Gym & Everyday Wear
  • Squat-Proof
  • Lift, Sculpt, Contour, & Smooth
  • Comfort-Fit
  • Cellulite Smoothing
  • Moisture Wicking / Antimicrobial Technology

* Flared leggings come extra long to fit any height and style - tailor to your exact fit!

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